Initial Study

Initial Study:

The Initial Study evaluated the potential environmental effects of the proposed Airport Master Plan (AMP) for Monterey Regional Airport (Airport or MRY).  The goals of the AMP are to address Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airport design standards and satisfy projected aviation demand, while considering cost-effectiveness and potential safety, environmental, and socioeconomic issues.  The AMP process is guided by the FAA in Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5070-6B, Change 2, Airport Master Plans (FAA 2015).

This Initial Study contains an “Environmental Checklist” that assesses potential environmental impacts of the proposed AMP using the form included in Appendix G of the CEQA Guidelines.  A brief explanation is provided for all responses contained in the Environmental Checklist, including supportive documentation for those responses identified as “No Impact” or “Less than Significant Impact.”

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