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EIR Documents:


A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE MONTEREY PENINSULA AIRPORT DISTRICT BOARD OF DIRECTORS was held on November 26, 2018 at 1:00 PM to consider certification of the Final EIR and adoption of the proposed Airport Master Plan Project (Alternative 1). Please use the following link to access the agenda: https://montereyairport.specialdistrict.org/2018-11-26-board-of-directors-special-meeting   At this Special Meeting, the Monterey Peninsula Airport District Board approved the following resolutions regarding the Monterey Regional Airport Master Plan EIR and Airport Master Plan Project:

  1.  Resolution No. 1730 to approve and certify the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR), the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, and related CEQA Findings and Statement of Overriding Considerations for the Monterey Regional Airport Master Plan.
  2. Resolution No. 1731 to approve Alternative 1 as the Monterey Regional Airport Master Plan.  The Airport Master Plan will provide a development framework to implement improvements that will enable the Airport to accommodate future demand for air travel in the region, enhance airport safety, incorporate airport sustainability goals, and increase airport self-sustainability.


FEIR report cover








Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Errata of Draft EIR
Chapter 3 – Comments and Responses
Chapter 4 – Mitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting Program
Appendix P – Groundwater Documentation


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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 – Introduction, Project History and Setting
Chapter 2 – Project Description
Chapter 3 – Project Alternatives
Chapter 4 – Environmental Conditions, Impacts, and Mitigation (Part 1)
Chapter 4 – Environmental Conditions, Impacts, and Mitigation (Part 2)
Chapter 5 – Cumulative Impact Analysis
Chapter 6 – Other Required CEQA Sections
Chapter 7 – Document Preparers and Agencies Consulted
Chapter 8 – References and Websites Used
Chapter 9 – Acronyms and Abbreviations
Appendix A – Notice of Preparation/Initial Study and Public Comments
Appendix B – FAA Forecast Approval Letter and Proposed Airport Master Plan Forecasts
Appendix C – Monterey Regional Airport Taxiway “A” Relocation Risk Assessment
Appendix D – FAA Taxiway Separation Waiver (Monterey Regional Airport)
Appendix E – Air Pollutant and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Modeling Reports
Appendix F – Biological Resources Survey Report
Appendix G – Cultural Resources Survey Report and Historic Resources Assessment
Appendix H – Native American Consultation
Appendix I – Geotechnical and Drainage Technical Memorandums
Appendix J – Carbon Sequestration Analysis
Appendix K – Aircraft Noise Modeling Assumptions
Appendix L – Vehicular Noise Assessment
Appendix M – Traffic Impact Analysis Report
Appendix N – FAA Revenue Diversion Information
Appendix O – Monterey Regional Airport North Side Concept Plan


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